09 December 2007

What's in my bag?

Bag inventory 20071209

I've always been fascinated with the sets of objects that we use for different situations. I love reading packing lists that others create for all sorts of adventures, and I get a kick out of the format and presentation of the Flickr group "what's in your bag".

It seems that even though I'm a real packing minimalist (going to Vienna and Prague for a week in the middle of winter with a messenger bag, for example), I seem to carry more around town every day than most others. Maybe it's that being carfree means that I tend to make one big trip where I'm out all day and have less access to home so that I carry EVERYTHING with me. It might also be because I feel like there's a lot of correlation between what you feel like you should carry every day and what you need when you're traveling somewhere else. I think that for most traveling I would change very little of the photo above; I'd probably take a smaller knitting project, add a small ziploc of toiletries, a small outfit to sleep in, and a poncho for rain. I don't carry many extra clothes with me when traveling because I wear all nice-looking synthetics in lots of layers and can wash everything at night and have it mostly (if not, a half hour of wearing will dry them completely) dry by morning. I promise I don't stink and I look pretty well put together ;) !

What's in the picture above (I have it fully noted if you click on the pic): Pacsafe bag, zipper bag of papers, two knitting projects, my internet tablet, phone, ipod, and camera, and a little bag full of pills, band-aids, and other little necessities.

What do you carry in YOUR bag?

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Sara said...

Kit! I LOVE that Flickr group. :) You reminded me that I need to go check it out again. I also love that you went to Vienna and Prague with a messenger back. You rock.

Back when I was a more high maintenance girl, I carried a big bag/purse with tons of meaningless junk in it. Then I had Bella, and my "stuffs" were exponentially increased due to the fact that she could wet through an outfit at any moment AND we did cloth diapering, which takes up way more room than normal diapers. Add toys. Add snacks. Add books. It was nuts. Now that she is older, I have downsized again. I have a men's style wallet and that's about it. I do have a small purse that I sometimes bring if I want to carry a journal (I love Moleskins) or a book.

Of course, it depends on where I am headed too. When I would go walking around the town, I was much like you in that I had to have everything with me for the day.

Anywhoo...great post :)