08 December 2007

25. Learn how to knit the proper way

blocking goodness

I learned how to knit from my grandmother, who is both left-handed and a little short on patience. Through some combination of trying to follow her and learn from a really awful book I learned how to knit 15 years ago. I picked up knitting again last year and even went to my very first formal class- magic loop socks(!)- where the teacher noticed something funny about my knitting. Something combination about my knitting, after I had thought for years that slanted decreases just naturally had to go the other way when you were working in the round!

Combination knitting is great for making shockingly even stockinette and for knitting in the dark, but it means that you have to think about the orientation of slanted decreases and can make for some awkward maneuvers in garter-based lace, which I'm addicted to right now. I loaded up the knittinghelp.com videos and spent a few evenings getting continental knitting to feel natural.

I'm so glad I learned. I may stick with combination for flat stockinette for the machine-like evenness, but now that I have another tool in my box I feel so much more empowered.

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Anna S said...

Knittinghelp.com rocks! :)