17 December 2007

14. Start making a monthly donation to a cause I love


On a recent trip back home to Texas, I saw miles and miles of beautiful turbines turning along ridges throughout the western part of the state. There were billboards along the highways selling the economic benefits to ranchers, and there were quite a few semi trucks moving massive blades around. West Texas is an absolutely beautiful place, and the addition of thousands of white turbines looked amazing against the clear sky.

Looking at my NOAA weather forecast and seeing the picture of a wind farm to denote a windy day got me angry and thinking- why is the largest wind farm in New England only 28 turbines? Cape Wind is effectively dead thanks to rich vacationers like Ted Kennedy and the region is generally unsuitable for solar.

A look around the internet told me that it's impossible for me to buy 'green' energy in this region since there's virtually no capacity for it. Therefore, the next best thing I could do was to start making a monthly donation to New England Wind for advocacy and small-scale projects.

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Jaime said...

OMG I saw several trucks carrying those blade-like things you mentioned, when I went home to visit too! That was the week before you blogged this, but I saw them driving from west Texas headed to San Antonio. I put pictures up for family to see on Flickr and my aunt later found out what they were for me. Such a small world!