10 July 2007

Stash inventory, 10 July 2007

Continuing in the spirit of recording things, here's an inventory of all of the items I have in the stash. Currently unused balls for WIPs are marked as such.


1 skein blue Stork cotton

1 reel of spandex

1+ skein Sirdar Just Bamboo, dusty blue

1 blue/yellow/green SWTC Tofutsies

1.33 skeins Cascade Yarns Cloud 9 Angora blend, black

0.4 skein Schaefer Lola in burgundy/green/blue

2 x 140m GGH Safari purple linen/polyamid

2 x 93 yds Plymouth Yarns Royal Bamboo, black

2 x 126 yds Maggi's Multi Linen cotton/linen in orange/pink

4 x 93 yds Knit One Crochet Too Jam nylon in pink/blue/green novelty

2 x 58 yds New York New York in lavender multicolored nylon novelty

1 skein lavender Rowan Calmer

2 skeins of SWTC Soysilk Pure, one black, one red multi

1.75 x 400 yd skeins of blue/green handdyed Merino/Silk

1 x 400 yd skein of green/purple handdyed Merino/Silk

2 skeins of Lion brand acrylic, white and black

1 x 5g ball of DMC tatting thread in powder blue, size 80

WIP - 3 x 50g balls of red DMC Cébélia, size 10

Update - oops! I might have picked up a 96 gram skein of bamboo/silk lace yarn today. I swear, it just fell into my bag!


1 lb(ish) of wool/tencel blend top in grey, magenta, and powder blue

4 oz of natural charcoal grey roving

8 oz of natural medium grey roving

8 oz ramie

8 oz white Soysilk, + about 8 oz yellow Soysilk(?) as a bonus

4 oz bamboo top

8 oz Tencel top

6 oz blending nylon

Whew! That's a lot of stash. Any suggestions on how to use it without leaving leftovers?