24 April 2007

Beans and rice, rice and beans.

I've been looking at ways to bring the grocery budget down while encouraging myself to eat out less. So far, the desire to use my pretty reusable bulk bags has kept me going back to the grocery to peruse the dry bulk section. Beans are cheap! I'm getting a lot better about soaking and cooking them ahead of time so that I always have something on hand to eat.

The last few weeks I've been eating at least one taco a day, stuffed with good cheap things from the fridge. The tortillas at the coop are somewhat more expensive than I'm used to, but the prices they have for tofu, dry goods, and veggies totally make up for it. I usually make a taco with:

homemade hummus, see Creamy hummus
a slab of tofu
black beans
cheez, this is one of the more palatable uses for VeganRella that I've found
homemade salsa

The last batch of salsa was a little bit off due to accidentally picking up whole peeled ground tomatoes instead of the intact variety. It's a little too close to ketchup for my liking, but the standard deal is:

1 can whole peeled tomatoes
2 jalapenos or 1 habanero, boiled to soften it for about 10 minutes
1/2 onion
1 bunch cilantro
lots of garlic powder
some salt
crushed red peppers

...and so on. I love my new blender (thanks, grandma!) because it actually manages to get the contents of the bucket rather than just liquefying whatever happens to be 1/2" from the blade. I'm actually kind of glad that the old blender finally gave up because I'm finding using a decent blender so much more pleasant and that I want to use it more.

I've also been trying to eat more local food and that means that I've been having a lot of kale. Kale's one of the most awesome foods out there- it will grow through snow and is packed with goodies. I've always tended towards anemia so the iron boost from having lots of kale in my diet is important to me. Also, I love playing with the bumpy edges of the leaves because I'm still about five years old.


garilynn said...

Hi, I found you on Ravelry. Have you tried sprouted lentils? My family of four can eat on 1 # of sprouted lentils about a week. It's not all we eat, but it adds fresh veggie crunch to everything. You can toss them in soups, add them to burritos (or tacos), salads, or eat them with a little olive oil and vinegar. 1# of lentils here in Texas is less than .50.


compactmanifold said...

I love sprouted lentils! Unfortunately, NOTHING is as cheap here as in TX. I miss HEB so very much.